Other Work


HAPPINESS COACHES – Taking the CADBURY'S Coronation Street ident budget and spending most of it on coaches for taking under-privileged kids to the seaside/ sports events. Film the trips and cut 100 idents from the material to really prove that Cadburys = Happiness.

CURIOU3 – Turning the tv and print ads of 3 into a media channel in their own right, connecting the curious to the fringe content of the web.

TA BUZZ – Selling the Territorial Army as the adrenaline-kick of a high-energy sports drink.

WORLD QUESTIONAIRE – Re-launching the "big answers" of Siemens with a one page questionnaire that appears on the same day in every national newspaper in the world.

THE STORY OF THE KABUL CASHPOINT – Delivering the truth about the Standard Chartered Bank by documenting the story of how the bank was the first to re-install cash-points in Kabul after the fall of the Taliban.

INKY STINKMAN – A simple Donkey Kong style computer game targeting IT support workers and designed to show the disadvantages of not putting HP inks in HP printers.

MY NATIONAL GALLERY – A full scale two floor flat built in Trafalgar Square and housing a selection of HP Prints of National Gallery masterpieces hung in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Guided tours were available four times a day.

HEADWRESTLING – A new intellectual sport championed by INSEAD Business School to distinguish itself from Harvard and Yale.