C and P


Good Pilot is Chris Aldhous, Peter Hodgson & Pierre Humeau.

A core team of creative and strategic thinkers that believe the power of a big organising creative idea is its ability to stretch and grow across every type of media transforming at each touch point into something meaningful and compelling that engages the consumer at a collaborative level.

To conceive and execute this successfully we believe a new type of creative direction is required.

It's a process called Idea Navigation and involves a close, upstream relationship with clients to embed creative thinking as early as possible in the communication process.

And being channel-agnostic we set no boundaries on what form our ideas will take: they will simply be what best serves the purpose of the Brand Marker we are creating.


Chris & Pete have worked together for 13 years as creative directors bringing fresh connective thinking to accounts as varied as Ericsson, Muller, Volvo, L'oreal, Cereal Partners, the Territorial Army, UCI Cinemas, Black & Decker, the Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics, the Football Association, NFL, Technics and Hewlett Packard.

It was with the last client, HP, that they created the award-winning HYPE Gallery Project in 2004/05, winning over 30 awards including two Cannes Gold Lions and becoming a benchmark for the New Advertising movement.

They then teamed up with Pierre in 2006 to run the Volvo account across Europe and with the C30 launch campaign “A Product Of Free will” won the Ford Marketing Idea Of The Year award in 2007.

GOODPILOT launched in spring 2008.