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"Is there one idea that left you feeling insanely jealous?"
"Yes, the HYPE Gallery campaign. It's such a brutally simple and pure idea. I can't imagine a more perfect way to create awareness of HP Technology amongst the creative community. An empty, white gallery. A few printers and video projectors. Nothing more. It's one of the earlier examples of consumer-generated content, and since the first gallery worked so well in London, it has been popping up all over the world."

TOM HIMPE (Author of Advertising Is Dead, Long Live Advertising in an interview with Contagious magazine)

"It's a little too self-aware to come off feeling brutally honest. But still, the (C30) work is great. New things were tried and many of them worked. For this Volvo, FUEL, Not to Scale and all the directors involved should be roundly applauded. The fruits of their labour hold up to repeat viewing and show a creative exuberance that's inspiring and invigorating."


"I'm bored with car ads. I've seen all the flying and skating cars I ever want to see. I know every mountain road: robots wandering round museums leave me cold; and I can't afford or don't want a new car anyway. So it's going to take something a little different, a little special to get the Future Marketing Wire excited about a car launch: and a great deal indeed to get us fired up about a Volvo."

future marketing wire

"Here Comes The Science Bit."

Independent headline five years after the Jennifer Aniston campaign ran