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The online job-finding/ car and house hunting agency Fish4 wanted a totally new approach for their re-launch in 2001. So we took their fish logo and transformed it into an army of real costumed job-hunters. The tv spot paid homage to the roll call sequence at the start of Hill Street Blues – played straight by a task force of grown men and women wearing giant goldfish suits.

The spot ended with the Fish4 army taking to their bikes and cars, dispersing across the country in the pursuit of new house and job-moving opportunities.

It was at this point we briefed the PR Company to continue telling the Fish4 story out in the real world, using specially briefed actors in the tv costumes for guerrilla activity anywhere there was a news story relevant to the Fish4 promise.

So if a football club called a press conference to announce the departure of a manager, a Fish4 character would infiltrate the event and pop up with a new job offer.

The most successful intrusion was a live News At Ten report from outside the Houses Of Parliament concerning the resignation of a senior government minister.

Not only did our Fish4Jobs character cycle into shot but he managed to stay around for the duration of the report and get a name check by the bewildered journalist at the end of the link.